Clay Kaserne/USAG Wiesbaden
Little Italy/Clay Activities Center (CAC)
Building 1011
Erickson Square, Clay Kaserne
65205 Wiesbaden, Germany

Wiesbaden is located in the southwestern part of Germany and serves as the capital of the federal German state of Hesse. USAG Wiesbaden, also known as Clay Kaserne, has been experiencing an influx of personnel since 2012 due to both the return of various tenant units to post and the relocating of other organizations previously housed at Campbell Barracks, which closed permanently in 2013. Clay Kaserne/USAG Wiesbaden is approximately 20 minutes from the Frankfurt International Airport, two hours from Spangdahlem AB, and two hours from Patch Barracks.

Custom Driving Directions

IMPORTANT NOTE: If using the GPS address provided will lead you to the Wiesbaden Community area, please follow the written instructions below to locate the Clay Kaserne/Wiesbaden North Main Gate.

Erbenheim Flugplatz, 65205 Wiesbaden, Germany

Please follow the directions below from major highways to ensure accuracy.

From the A60/Frankfurt/Mainz/Ingelheim/Bingen-Ost to Clay Kaserne/USAG Wiesbaden

  • Merge onto the A60/E42
  • At the interchange of 18-Dreieck Mainz, keep right and follow signs for the A643 towards Frankfurt a.M./Wiesbaden/MZ-Gonsenheim
  • Take the exit onto A66 towards Frankfurt
  • Take exit 6-Wiesbaden-Erbenheim and merge onto Boelckestraße/B455 towards Mainz-Kastel
  • Take the exit towards WI-Erbenheim-Süd
  • Turn right onto Zum Friedhof/K634
  • Continue toward the main gate and bear right and go to the visitors center. Let them know you are on the Tech Expo access list
  • Follow the directions below from the North/Main Gate towards the Wiesbaden Fitness Center

From the North/Main Gate to the Little Italy/Clay Activities Center (CAC)

  • At the gate, continue straight on Boyd Boulevard
  • Turn right onto Phelps Avenue
  • Little Italy/Clay Activities Center (CAC) will be on your right; building 1011