Patch Barracks
Swabian Special Events Center
Building 2345
Californiastraße 2345
70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Patch Barracks is located in southern Germany in the city of Stuttgart. The sixth-largest city in Germany, Stuttgart lies at the center of a heavily populated area and is circled by a ring of smaller towns. Patch Barracks is proximal to Kelley Barracks, which houses USAFRICOM, and Panzer Kaserne, which houses USAG Stuttgart and MARFOREURAF. It is approximately a 3-hour drive away from Spangdahlem AB and a 3-hour drive from Clay Kaserne/USAG Wiesbaden.

Custom Driving Directions

Please note: These directions will take you close to the installation. Please follow the directions below from major highways to ensure accuracy.

Californiastraße 2345, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Please follow the directions below from major highways to ensure accuracy.

From the Frankfurt/Heidelberg Area

  • Take the A5 (Autobahn) south towards Karlsruhe/Stuttgart
  • At the interchange of 46-Dreieck Karlsruhe, keep right and follow the A8 towards Stuttgart/München/Pforzheim
  • Follow the directions below to the Patch Community Club

From Stuttgart/München/Pforzheim to Patch Barracks

  • Once on the A8, take the second A81 exit, NOT the first. Follow the A81 sign that says: Singen/Boblingen/S-Zentrum/S-Vaihingen
  • Proceed straight on the exit ramp and follow the signs for S-Zentrum/S-Vaihingen. DO NOT follow the signs for Singen/Boblingen
  • Follow the A8 to the A831 towards S-Zentrum/S-Vaihingen
  • Take exit 8-Spangdahlem towards Speicher/Gondorf
  • Take the first exit for Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • At the end of the ramp, turn left on Hauptstraße/L1205 towards Patch Barracks/IBM/BMW
  • Follow the signs to Patch Barracks (about 200 yards away from the end of the exit) in the town of Vaihingen (look for the Europcar Sales Rental lot as a landmark)
  • Turn left on Arkansaße into the Main Gate
  • Follow the directions below from the Main Gate to the Patch Community Club

From the Main Gate to the Patch Community Club

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